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Portfolio -- Trucks

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22910 afl semi aft semi 2 ttos af semi af ford truck af truck
22910 American Flyer Lines tractor trailor
American Flyer by Lionel
612810 American Flyer Trains Tractor Trailor
American Flyer by Lionel
1982 TTOS American Flyer tractor trailer
Ertl 1453 Cal-Stewart
American Flyer Ford truck, 1951 American Flyer Trains truck
am la france pumper 972603 winross att semi ballantine truck barclays ford 1920 basildon bond van
American LaFrance Pumper, 900 Series, 1960
Corgi CS90010
AT&T diecast tractor trailer
Winross 972603
Ballantine's Ale & Beer truck
Barclay's delivery van, Ford Model T, 1920
Lledo DG06033
Basildon Bond van, Ford, 1934
Lledo DG13010
bekins moving van Birds Eye Frosted Foods Breyer's Ice Cream cadburys ford van lledo 6119 Cambrian railway
Bekins Moving van, Mack CJ
AHL L5302
Birds Eye Frosted Foods delivery truck, GMC T70
Hartoy Lledo L04013
Breyers Ice Cream truck
Mack BM, Hartoy AHL L01016
Cadbury's Cocoa van, Ford Model T, 1920
Lledo DG646
Cambrian Railway, Ford Model T, 1920
Lledo 6119
campbell ertl campbell soup truck ford carling truck chevy pickup 1964 coca cola truck
Campbell's Beefsteak Tomato truck
Chevy 1930 by Ertl
Campbell Soup Delivery truck
Carling Black Label Ford truck
2010 TCA convention car by WB&A
Chevrolet Pickup truck, 1964 Coca-Cola truck
coca cola ford 1920 1920 coke van coke flat bed truck 1930s coke del truck coke panel truck
Coca-Cola Ford Model T, 1920
Lledo DF6054
1920 Coca-Cola Van
K-Line 934001
Coca-Cola flat bed delivery truck, 1920s
Coca-Cola delivery truck, 1930s
Coca-Cola panel truck, 1933
c01011 coke truck coca-cola cream truck coke gmcT70 c52101 coke semi Coca-Cola semi
Coca-Cola delivery truck, Mack BM
Hartoy C01011
Coca-Cola truck (Mack)
Coca-Cola Bottling Company truck, GMC T70
Hartoy CO4051
Coca-Cola tractor trailer, Mack CJ
Hartoy C52101
Coca-Cola tractor trailer
Ford C, Ahearn 8230
coles express 972924 drpepper semi esso ford tanker 1939 evening news van evinrude hartoy
Coles Express BAR truck
Mack BM, Hartoy AHL L01017
Dr. Pepper diecast tractor trailer
Winross 972924
Esso Petroleum Ford tank truck, 1939
Lledo DG57001
Evening News Chevrolet delivery van, 1934
Lledo DG131
Evinrude Outboards truck
Mack BM, Hartoy 1014
fine lady bakeries
Fine Lady Bakeries Limited
Lledo Days Gone

Portfolio -- Trucks, Part Two

firestone ford model a ford parts truck friendly ice cream 974085 fruitloom semi
Firestone stake truck
Mack CJ, Hartoy AHL 04052
Ford Model A Woody 1934
Ford parts truck
Friendly Ice Cream Stores, Mack CJ
American Highway Legends (AHL) by Hartoy 02014
Fruit of the Loom diecast tractor trailer
Winross 974085
gas light & coke gem blades hartoy gilbert truck k-line gmc truck Hamley's truck
Gas Light & Coke Co. Mack van, 1934
Lledo DG39002
Gem Doubledge blades truck
Peterbuilt 260, AHL by Hartoy
Gilbert AFT truck
K-line 22523
GMC Parts & Service truck
GMC T-70, Hartoy AHL 04022
Hamleys Toyshop truck, Morris, 1926
heinz 57 k-line heinz soup 1934 hersheys cocoa 1920 hersheys bm hersheys kisses
Heinz 57 Varieties truck
K-Line 94569
Heinz Tomato Soup Ford truck, 1934
Lledo DG013026
Hershey's Cocoa Ford Model T truck, 1920
LLedo DF6099a
Hershey's Cocoa/Chocolate truck, Mack BM
Hartoy H01020
Hershey's Kisses delivery truck, Mack ICJ
Hartoy AHL HO2010
hersheys tanker hershey truck hershey's tanker hershey semi hmv truck
Hershey's Syrup tank truck, Mack 1926
Ertl 10307U
Hershey's Syrup truck (Mack)
American Highway Legends (AHL) by Hartoy
Hershey's tanker
H55300 Ford F7
Hershey's tractor trailor
Winross 23860
His Master's Voice truck (Morris bullnose)
Lledo DG50038
jameson truck john deere dubuque john deere ottumwa jordans van future use
Jameson Irish Whiskey van, 1931 John Deere tractor trailer, Dubuque Works John Deere tractor trailer, Ottumwa Works Jordans Natural Cereals Morris truck, 1930s
Oxford Die Cast Limited Edition Bull009b

Portfolio -- Trucks, Part Three

kelly tire lefigaro matchbox liverpool bus lledo 6618 L&SW railway van london bus
Kelly-Springfired tire truck
GMC box van, Hartoy AHL 04014
Le Figaro truck
Renault AG 1910, by Matchbox
Liverpool "Littlewoods" double-decker bus
1931 AEC, Lledo DG49011a
London & Southwestern Railway, Ford Model T, 1920
Lledo 6118
London Transport "Hamleys" bus
1932 AEC, Lledo DG15022a/font>
MagasinDuNord van Marks & Spencer ford truck ma&pa mayflower van mobil oil tank
Magasin du Nord Ford Model T van, 1920
Lledo DG634
Marks & Spencer Centenary truck, Ford Model T, 1920
Maryland & Pennsylvania Ford truck
2010 TCA convention item by WB&A
Mayflower Transit Company Chevrolet van, 1934
Lledo DG16000
Mobilgas/Mobiloil delivery tank truck
Hartoy AHL 04062
1948 olympic coke olympic 1948 olympic 1956 Ovaltine truck peabody mine
Olympic Games 1948, Coca-Cola truck
Lledo Days Gone
Olympic Games, London, 1948
LLedo Days Gone
Olympic Games, Melbourne, 1956
Lledo Days Gone
Ovaltine truck,Ford Model T, 1920
Peabody Coal Company truck
Mack BM covered, Hartoy AHL L01043
penguin books van GMC prr pickup pennsy rr van pennzoil stake pepsi semi
Penguin Books van
1950 Bedford 30 CWT, Lledo DG63001a
Pennsylvania Railroad pickup truck, GMC 1950 Pennsylvania Railroad van Pennzoil delivery truck
Mack CJ, Hartoy AHL 02022
Pepsi-Cola tractor trailer
Golden Wheel Die Casting
Phillips Seafood truck piels van point beer qauker state rea van
Phillips Seafood truck
WB&A division of TCA
Piels Light Beer Peterbuilt 260 van
AHL L03023
Point Special Beer Ford F5 van
AHL L05012
Quaker State tank truck
Peterbuilt 260, Hartoy AHL L03063
Railway Express Agency Ford van
Imex 870029

Portfolio -- Trucks, Part Four

rea mack truck railway express days gone ramsdens fish rayovac hartoy royal mail
Railroad Express Agency (REA) delivery truck
Railway Express Agency
Lledo Days Gone
Ramsden's Fish Ford Model T truck, 1920
Lledo DG615
Ray-O-Vac Batteries truck
Peterbuilt 260, AHL by Hartoy
Royal Mail
Lledo Days Gone Premier
Sat Evening Post truck schlitz beer van southdown bus spalding hartoy staffordshire horse drawn 1984
Saturday Evening Post truck, Normal Rockwell 100th Anniversary, Ford Model T, 1920
Schlitz Beer Mack CJ truck
AHL L52106
Southdown Regent bus, AEC1932
Lledo DG15010
Spalding Golf truck
Ford F%, AHL by Hartoy
Staffordshire Agricultural Society County Show horse drawn truck, 1984
Lledo DG113
staffordshire horse drawn 1985 standard oil fire engine stratford blue bus stroh's beer truck strohs hartoy
Staffordshire Agricultural Society County Show horse drawn truck, 1985
LLedo DG035
Standard Oil fire engine, Dennis, 1934
Stratford Blue Regal bus, 1932
Lledo DG17007
Stroh's Beer truck (Mack)
American Highway Legends (AHL) by Hartoy
Stroh's Fire Brewed beer truck
Mack CJ, Hartoy 02043
sundae dave truck texaco dodge texas co. texaco timkin toohey matchbox
Sundae Dave Ice Cream truck
Matchbox B778
Texaco Dodge Airflow
Corgi CS90002
Texas Company, Texaco, Ford Model A van
Lledo LP 13293
Timkin-Detroit Axle Compnay
Mack CJ covered, Hartoy AHL 02044
Toohey's Stag Lager truck
Bedford 1939, by Matchbox
tower bridge utz van walkers crisps truck wawa semi Wheaties truck
Tower Bridge Centenary Morris van
Lledo Limited Edition SP50149
Utz Quality Foods delivery van
Rolstoy 22
Walkers Crisps truck
1934 Ford Model A stake, Lledo LP20-22a
Wawa tractor trailer
Ertl Collectibles 25201
Wheaties truck (Peterbilt)
American Highway Legends (AHL) by Hartoy
Wrigleys yuenglings beer truck future use future use future use
Wrigley's Spearmint Gum truck
Mack C, Lledo L02012
Yuengling's Beer truck (Peterbilt)
American Highway Legends (AHL) by Hartoy

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