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Handmade, Kits and Vintage Manufacturing

2 harvest road 5003 frt 5005 frt 5007 frt 5009 frt
2 Harvest Road
handmade from balsa jbh
5003 Falls Road Terrace
handmade from balsa jbh
5005 Falls Road Terrace
handmade from balsa jbh
5007 Falls Road Terrace
handmade from balsa jbh
5009 Falls Road Terrace
handmade from balsa jbh
5011 frt 5013 frt 5015 frt 5900 smith nativity episcopal
5011 Falls Road Terrace
handmade from balsa jbh
5013 Falls Road Terrace
handmade from balsa jbh
5015 Falls Road Terrace
handmade from balsa jbh
5900 Smith Avenue
handmade from balsa jbh
Nativity Episcopal, 419 Ceadercroft Road
handmade from balsa jbh
sleepy hollow atlas laser house old paper church old paper drugstore old paper fire house
Sleepy Hollow
handmade from balsa jbh
4001001 Section House
Atlas Laser Design
Church by Built Rite Toys
cardboard, late 1940s
Drug Store by Built Rite Toys (double dip cone for 5 cents)
cardboard, late 1940s
Fire Station by Built Rite Toys
cardboard, late 1940s
old paper house 1 old paper house 2 old paper house 3 old paper house 4 old paper house 5
House 1 by Built Rite Toys
cardboard, late 1940s
House 2 by Built Rite Toys
cardboard, late 1940s
House 3 by Built Rite Toys
cardboard, late 1940s
House 4 by Built Rite Toys
cardboard, late 1940s
House 5 by Built Rite Toys
cardboard, late 1940s
old paper house 6 B&O Coal House busstopshelter future use future use
House 6 by Built Rite Toys
cardboard, late 1940s
Baltimore & Ohio (B&O) Coal House
Lake Junction Models Kit 4018B
Roland Park Bus Stop Shelter
Model Tech Studio Kit 550167

Plastic Manufacturing

airport admin airport hangar airport term apartment bank
Airport Administration Building
Plasticville AD4
Airport Hangar
Plasticville AP1
Airport Terminal Building
Plasticville 45985
Apartment Building
Plasticville 1907
Plasticville BK1
barn red barn white dairy barn tuscan dairy barn bungalow
Barn, red with green roof
Plasticville BN1
Barn, white with red roof
Plasticville 1601
Barn (dairy), tuscan with silver roof
Plasticville 1622
Barn (dairy), brown with silver roof
Plasticville 45602
Plasticville 1629
cape cod cathedral church coal tower colonial church
Cape Cod House
Plasticville 1502
Plasticville 45981
Church of Saints John & James, Sons of Zebedee (Episcopal)
Plasticville 1600
Coal Tower
Plasticville 45980
Colonial Church
Plasticville 1803
colonial house colonial house green colonial house red country church crossing gate
Colonial House
Plasticville LH4
Colonial House green roof
Plasticville 1703
Colonial House red roof
Plasticville 1703
Country Church
Crossing Gate
Plasticville 1029
diner farm k-line fire house fire house five and dime store
Plasticville DE7
Farm Buildings with animals
Plasticville 1617
Fire House 21386
Fire House with trucks
Plasticville 1956
Five and Dime Store
Plasticville CS5
gas station greenhouse hardwaredrugs 1853 hardwaredrugs DH2 hospital hs6
Gas Station
Plasticville GO2
Plasticville 1804
Hardware & Pharmacy, cream with brown roof
Plasticville 1853
Hardware & Pharmacy, black with gray roof
Plasticville DH2
Hospital, front
Plasticville HS6
hospital plan hs6 hospital rear hs6 house under construction loading platform log cabin
Hospital, floor plan
Plasticville HS6
Hospital, rear with clinic & ER
Plasticville HS6
House (under construction)
Plasticville 1624
Loading Platform
Plasticville 1620
Log Cabin
Plasticville 45982
motel police department pond bridge ranch 21388 ranch house 1852
Plasticville 1621
Police Department
Plasticville PD3
Pond with bridge
Plasticville BL2
Ranch House, cream with brown roof
K-Line 21388
Ranch House, blue
Plasticville 1852
ranch house 1812 new england ranch rural house school house kline service station
Ranch House, salmon
Plasticville 1812
Ranch House, New England
Plasticville 1808
Rural House
Plasticville 45971
School House
Plasticville SC4
Service Station, Ford
K-Line 621384
split level suburban station supermarket supermarket switch tower
Split Level House
Plasticville 1908
Suburban Station
Plasticville 1616
Plasticville SM6
Plasticville SM7
Switch Tower
Plasticville 1402
tv station town hall 2 story red house union station union station close up
Television Transmitting Station
Plasticville 1618
Town Hall
Plasticville PH1
Two Story Red House
Plasticville 1807
Union Station
Plasticville 1901
Union Station, close up
Plasticville 1901
water tower windmill future use future use future use
Water Tower
Plasticville 1615
Plasticville 1408

AmeriTowne Structures

engine house 44 VILLAGE theater 67 police station 68 bill's place 72 jim's records 72
64 Fire Department Engine House 44
AmeriTowne 64
67 Village Theater
cusomized AmeriTowne Palace Theater 67
68 Garden Village Police Station
AmeriTowne 68
72 Bill's Place Gifts
AmeriTowne 72 customized
72 Jim's Classical Records
AmeriTowne 72 customized
granato 74 grocery fidelty bank 77 henry's books 78 john's trains 78 future use
74 Granato's Grocery
AmeriTowne 74
77 Fidelty Bank
AmeriTowne 77
78 Henry's Books
AmeriTowne 78 customized
78 John's American Flyer Trains
AmeriTowne 78 customized

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